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How To Make Legit Money Online With Amazon Human Intelligence

It can seem like your odds of finding legitimate ways to make money online is like hitting the jackpot. I’m here to tell you and show you that it is possible. Will you become a millionaire from it, extremely unlikely, but if you do, remember me. There’s several ways to make money online. There’s phone jobs, data entry, transcription, virtual assisting, content mills, side gigs, and my personal favorite…blogging of course. This job we’re about to dive into definitely fits under the category of side gigs. You will not pay your mortgage with this, however could you pay your cell phone bill every month while doing this in your spare time? Absolutely. Unless you have Verizon and in that case maybe about half of your bill, you know they’re expensive as hell.

Let’s jump into what Amazon’s Human Intelligence tasks are. Amazon has a site known as Amazon Mechanical Turk or Amazon MTurk for short. On this site workers are paid for performing small, short tasks that cannot currently be performed by computers. You will find tasks like transcription, surveys, educational studies, and data entry. Businesses, universities, and individuals that need these tasks performed post their job requests to this marketplace. The platform is ran by Amazon, which takes away any apprehension about whether it is legit or not.

How to Get Started

  1. Go to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Site here
  2. Click on “Get Started with Amazon Mechanical Turk”
  3. You will see an option to sign up as a requester or a worker, you will want to create a worker account.
  4. Login using your normal username and password that you use when you are shopping. If you live under a rock and don’t have an Amazon account, no worries, just create a new one.
  5. Follow the steps prompted. Your account will usually be accepted or rejected within 48 hours. I did not have any issues with my account being approved.


making money online

You Have Been Approved…Now What?

Login to your worker account and you will see what is known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). The requester of the task will be shown, as well as the amount they are paying for the task. Learn more about what the task entails by clicking on “details”. Once you have read the instructions carefully and decided on a task go ahead and accept it. Keep in mind that your tasks will be rejected by the requester if they are not completed accurately. As a result, your rejection rate will be high which will hurt your chances at higher paying HITs in the future.

making money online

Filter Like Your Life Depended On It

Make good use of your filter button. I sort by the following criteria: “hits qualified for”, “creation date: newest”, and hits that pay over .20. This has been my sweet spot. I filter the newest HITs because HITs that have been there for a while usually aren’t worth your time, and other workers have already figured this out. The good HITs go pretty quickly so if you find a good one, snatch it.


making money online making money online


The Key to Cents Making Sense

The key to making money on Amazon MTurk is finding tasks that do not take a lot of time to complete in relation to the amount that you are earning. Find what works for you. I stay away from batch work. Batches are usually in the hundreds or thousands and you could sit there and just knock out job after job. For example, I did transcription of grocery receipts for a requester. It was easy, and there were thousands of receipts that the requester needed transcribed. However, in my opinion the work was too tedious for the amount that it paid, but some workers find their grove in batch work. I recommend doing several different types of HITs until you find your niche. Surveys and educational studies are my favorite.

Qualify For Higher Paying Tasks

There are three main thresholds for unlocking higher paying HITs.

  • 100 HITs completed
  • 500 HITs completed
  • 1000 HITs completed

These numbers sound intimidating but it doesn’t take much time for these small tasks to add up. I gave MTurk a try for the past month in my spare time, when I was in the car pickup line for the kids, or sitting at football practice. I completed 172 HITs, earned roughly $73.00, and slightly better paying HITs have opened up for me.


making money online


  • Complete tasks at your own convenience, any time of the day, from anywhere
  • 100% legit make money online, no scams, hosted by Amazon
  • Completely free to sign up
  • Always tons of jobs listed
  • Freedom to decide what types of tasks you want to work on
  • Earnings transferred directly to your bank account through Amazon Payments
  • There is no minimum threshold to transfer earnings


  • Tasks pay small amounts of money, especially when you first start out
  • There’s no guarantee that certain types of jobs will be available
  • It takes time to qualify for better paying tasks


Can you make money online? Yes. Is Amazon Mechanical Turk going to be your best option for making money online? No. However, it is real, legit, money that you can make from anywhere, at your own convenience. I will continue to “turk” (not twerk, but that’s okay too) to pay for the hosting for this blog.


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