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Work From Home Delivering Packages for Amazon

So, I know you are probably thinking, delivering packages for Amazon is not working from home. Technically, you would be right. However, when I think of the term “work from home” I categorize any job that is not a traditional, behind the desk, 9-5 as a work from home job. I absolutely despised getting dressed for work. Except for when I got to wear my really cute stilettos. Taking into account that after the first five minutes my feet hurt, and I was over it. Really, I never liked anyone dictating to me how I have to look, or anything else for that matter. Yes, working from home you still have to answer to someone. Even if you work for yourself, you still answer to your customers. However, there is still an element of independence and flexibility that you typically don’t get at a traditional 9-5. Now don’t get me wrong, pay your bills and make your coins (as long as it ain’t illegal) anyway you have to. I’m just here to give you a few extra options.

Which takes us to this job opportunity, delivering packages for Amazon Flex. Amazon needs no introduction. Most of us have coughed up that $99 every year for Amazon Prime (college students get a discount). Why? Because we are impatient and the thought of having our packages on the doorstep within a few hours of ordering it, is well, life. When you work from home delivering packages for Amazon Prime, you become apart of that same chain of events. Amazon has grown so big that other delivery outlets are unable to keep up. That’s where you come in. Amazon has started hiring independent contractors such as you and I to pick up the slack.


Delivering Packages for Amazon


What is Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a program by Amazon (duh) that allows customers to receive their packages lightening fast–sometimes within an hour of ordering. This is accomplished by contracting independent drivers, and dispatching them to pick up and deliver these packages.


Who Can Deliver Packages for Amazon Flex?

The best thing about Amazon Flex is that almost anyone can work as a driver. If you live in the vicinity of one of Amazon’s hubs, are at least 21 years old, have your own reliable transportation, can pass a background check, able to lift packages (some may be heavy), and a smartphone to download the app, you are in there like swimwear. There are no special technical requirements, no degrees needed, it’s not rocket science. You are simply picking up packages from one of Amazon’s hubs and delivering them to the eagerly waiting customer’s doorstep.

Although, I must admit that the thought of delivering anything brings back painful memories. As a kid, I used to help my mom with a newspaper delivery route. We would get up at the crack of dawn, really before the crack of dawn, and head down to the warehouse to bag up newspapers. Then we would load em’ up and head out to house, after house, after house. Avoiding big as hell toads, and stray dogs, all while trying to make sure we landed the newspaper squarely on the customer’s doorstep. Needless to say that turned me off from delivering anything, for a long time. Thankfully, delivering packages for Amazon is a heck of a lot easier than delivering newspapers.


deliver packages for Amazon


Can You Make Your Own Schedule?

Yes. You can make your own schedule, and only deliver packages when it is convenient for you. The way you pick your schedule is through the Amazon Flex app. In this app you will find shifts known as delivery blocks that you can pick from depending on your schedule. Delivery blocks usually range from three to six hours. From what I hear many Amazon Flex workers get up in the early morning to check for available delivery blocks. There’s also a way to make more money by picking up short notice and high traffic blocks during peak hours of the day.


delivering packages for amazon


How Much Can I Make Delivering Packages for Amazon?

You will make anywhere from $18-$25/hr delivering packages for Amazon. So, if you take one of the shorter delivery blocks of 3 hours, that’s $75 for the day, and you still have the rest of the day for other work from home jobs, family time, to pick the kids of from school, etc. Of course you will have to account for the expense of fuel, as an Amazon Flex driver you foot the bill for your gas, so take that into consideration. Another plus is that you get paid twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.


How Do You Apply to Amazon Flex?

The application process is pretty simple, and highly automated. There will be little to no interaction with an actual human at Amazon Flex throughout the application process and as a worker. To apply go to the Amazon Flex website hereYou will be prompted to answer a few eligibility questions, instructed on how to download the app, will fill-out paperwork for direct deposit, and once your background check is cleared (2-5 business days) you should be ready to start delivering packages for Amazon.


Making Your First Delivery

Once you have signed up in the app for a delivery block that works for you, you will be sent a reminder an hour before your shift is set to begin. The shift begins when you arrive to the pickup location, and you sign in. Loading time is apart of the shift, and you will have to scan each item before loading it into your vehicle. It may be a good idea to bring a dolly with you to make carrying multiple packages easier. Once you’re loaded up and ready to start delivering packages for Amazon, the Amazon Flex app will navigate a route for you. If you know the area well and think your route is faster, you can navigate yourself. What happens if you can’t make all of your deliveries during the allotted time? The packages still have to be delivered, and you will not be compensated for the extra time. Now, if a package cannot be delivered for reasons out of your control, you must return that package to the pick-up location.



  • Work from home (sort of)
  • Be your own boss
  • Make your own schedule
  • Pretty decent pay $18-$25/hr
  • Get paid twice a week
  • Work for a legitimate company
  • Provided with commercial insurance while driving



  • Must live in the vicinity of one of Amazon’s hubs
  • Delivery blocks are not guaranteed
  • Amazon Flex is highly automated, not much human interaction
  • Does not pay extra for your gas usage
  • You may encounter trouble with parking or traffic while delivering
  • Does not compensate for extra time if you go over your shift


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