work from home for Time Etc as a virtual assistant

Work From Home for Time Etc as a Virtual Assistant

Do you have any clerical, or administrative experience? If so, you are the perfect candidate to work from home for Time Etc as a virtual assistant. The big bonus here is well, it’s all done virtually, meaning you never have to leave your home. If you need to get the kids off to school, or you already have a full time job and just looking for supplemental income, this a totally flexible way to make money.

I believe Time Etc is based out of the UK. So, you will more than likely receive a call from a Time Etc coach with a lovely British accent. However, all of the clients I had were in the U.S. 

I personally worked for Time Etc in the past and it was a great experience. I was able to gain knowledge in many different subject areas, and make my own schedule. Once, I got paid for checking on bean bag chairs for a client that was just too busy to handle the small day to day tasks of his life.  Or another client of mines was working on a podcast and I was able to help him narrow down some ideas. I really learned a lot, and am thankful for the opportunity I had to work from home for Time Etc as a virtual assistant.

Who Can Become a Time Etc Virtual Assistant?

Anyone with at least two years of clerical or administrative assistant experience. 

What are the Technical Requirements?

There’s not a lot of technical requirements to work from home for Time Etc as a virtual assistant. You only need a computer with reliable internet access, access to Microsoft Office, and a phone for jobs that may require you to make calls on behalf of the client.

How Do You Find Clients?

The great thing about Time Etc is that they have already done the leg work of securing clients that need help. There is a job board showing the available tasks that clients need help with. Once you have done work for a client they can request that you be the only virtual assistant that they work with. Having repeat clients that you work closely with gives you a better chance of having a consistent stream of work. According to one Glassdoor review, three repeat clients was enough to keep him/her consistently busy.

work from home for Time Etc as a virtual assistant

Can You Make Your Own Schedule?

You can make your own schedule, but you do have to adhere to whatever deadlines the client sets forth. However, it’s not your traditional 9-5, this work can be done from anywhere, as long as you meet the expectations the client has expressed to you. 

How Much Do You Make as a Time Etc Virtual Assistant?

The average starting pay to work from home for Time Etc as a virtual assistant is $11/hour. Hours are not guaranteed, it depends on the amount of work available to you. However, once you build relationships with clients by doing good work for them, they will usually send work directly to you. This is the best way to get a consistent flow of work. You will log the hours that you work on a task through the Time Etc platform. You will be paid once a month via PayPal. 

Want to become a Time Etc Virtual Assistant?

Apply here to work from home for Time Etc as a virtual assistant!

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